Public Safety Identification (PSID) Application

Before continuing with this Public Safety Identification (PSID) Application, go to this link to check to see if you already have a PSID # assigned to you: (copy and paste link to go to the website).
This Public Safety Identification (PSID) Application is NOT for law enforcement related personnel. Please contact your supervisor or the Indiana Law Enforcement Academy (ILEA) for instructions to obtain your PSID.
If you have already requested a PSID #, please allow 7 days for completion of your request. You will receive an email from the Indiana Public Safety Personnel Portal providing you with a password to log-in to your personal portal and to view your PSID #. If you do not receive an email at the address you provided in this application within 7 days, please email
1. Official Request for a Public Safety Identification Number (PSID #) - Have you ever had a PSID # issued to you?